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Strategy to bring tourism back to life announced

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Quintana Roo governor, Carlos Joaquín González, and WTTC CEO, Gloria Guevara, announced strategies for the safe reactivation of travels around the world.

The reactivation route will be the tipping point for these initiatives, which will be defined by an international mobility protocol developed through a dialogue between world leaders in the public and private tourism sectors to provide security to markets worldwide.

Following the World Travel and Tourism Summit, the WTTC CEO announced that 2.5 billion dollars will be invested in four Mexican states, with 65 percent going to Quintana Roo and the rest going to Baja California Sur, Jalisco, and Yucatan.

She highlighted the announcements and awards made during the World Travel and Tourism Summit to recognize the work that has been done in the field of global tourism.

Quintana Roo’s governor received the Global Leadership Award for his early implementation of health protocols in the state, which helped Quintana Roo move forward in terms of health security in tourist areas.

In 2019, the Global Leadership Award was awarded to Barack Obama and in 2018 to Mauricio Macri.

Concerning vaccines, it was stated that the WTTC works hand in hand with governments at the country level all over the world to intercede on behalf of their collaborators, but the distribution and application are determined by each nation.

The 2022 World Travel and Tourism Summit will be held in the Philippines, and workers in the tourism industry, as well as health personnel, are considered a priority group for vaccination and will receive the dose first.

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