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Around the Soul in 80 Instants


Around the Soul in 80 Instants…

What is it about flying that attracts us so much? From Leonardo da Vinci, who was so ahead of his time he invented the helicopter, to the Wright brothers who invented the airplane, flying has probably appealed to us humans since we first saw birds fly in liberty.

Let’s explore one of the most antiques ways of flying for humans: On a hot air balloon!



around the soul


Hot air balloons apply basic scientific principles. Warmer air rises in cooler air. To heat the air, they use propane, the same gas we use for cooking. The basket’s material is wicker because it is sturdy, lightweight and flexible to absorb the impact of landing.

You can’t steer it and you can fly only as fast as the wind blows. That is why it never succeeded as a way to travel from one point to another. But if you use it only for the joy of flying, it is the most unbelievable yet serene experience.


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A few years ago, I wanted to do something I had never done before. I celebrated life accompanied by one of my best friends. And what a better way than overflying the Teotihuacan pyramids on a hot air balloon?

On a hot air balloon you cannot control where you go or how fast to go. So, it is the perfect way to experience enjoyment, letting go control and letting the moment just unfold.

Like Jules Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days made us wonder, I invite you to, at least once in your life, live this experience with full awareness, and have an inner trip Around the Soul in 80 Instants.


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