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Motown Classic Revue 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and Beyond Kevin Anthony, Joi Carter and Lauren J. Stovall



“This has been my dream project for 7 years, thank you, Kevin Anthony, for creating a REAL honest to goodness Motown classic revue and for Bringing to PV actual The Real Deal Motown ladies all with a full live band.” – Managing Partner Danny Mininni. He introduced one of his declared new superstars Kevin Anthony who had auditioned at Act2PV passing with flying colors a number of years ago. This man is master entertainer with a successful touring including music of The Impressions. Watching him conduct himself on stage reveals his yearslong experience. He has spent some of his recent downtime designing new shows which will please thousands of theater-goers here, locals and visitors, in the next months. Tonight is his first new release.


He welcomed everyone to this Motown show, the first totally Motown show presented here. Tonight’s musical assortment combines Motown’s memorable tunes with its driving rhythms, topnotch musicianship and choreographed dance moves. The evening came alive quickly when The Roxsand Band thumping the room until Kevin entered singing “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg”. He was joined by the lady artists Lauren J. Stovall, who will be headlining a tribute to the living legend Gladys Knight, and Joi Carter, a fireball in her own right becoming part of the “Mamma Mia” cast. Rhythms continued with “Can’t Help Myself” with the three delivering the music of yesteryear – Motown classics.

Lauren took the role of upfront singer with a wonderfully assembled medley of The Supremes smashes including “Stop in the Name of Love”, “Baby Love” and “Where Did Our Love Go”. Kevin declared “This night is about the music” He continued that there will be little talk compared to his usual shows since there were so many great hits to present to the audience that they will be singing more and talking less. The crowd roared. Obviously, they were here for the Motown music and knew almost all the tunes. The Lauren begged “Please Mr. Postman”: “Look and see. If there’s a letter in your bag for me…from that boy of mine.” “Wait a minute”, she pleaded. Lauren exceeded any dreams with her strong voice and straight-forward presence as a performer. The audience members were singing, especially the “answers”. Their bodies moved and shook to the beat.


No rest, for what followed was their nod “I Want You Back” to The Jackson 5 when young Michael led his brothers as a budding musical star. The artists stirred the air in demands for attention which was reciprocated by all in the room. Dynomite. Kevin and Lauren stepped up with “It Takes Two”, a top song of the evening, introduced by Marvin Gaye and Kim Weston. “To make a dream come true.” The duo matched talents extremely well. This was a standout tonight. Joi, in a tight shiny blue jumpsuit, emerged singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”. She made many of the attendees truly believe her declarations of love. The hot music continued after Joi asked “How about a little disco?” and dove into “Don’t Leave Me This Way” from Thelma Houston. Hands waved throughout the rows of screaming, singing people gathered for this revue. Out of breath, she said “That was the exercise portion of the night.”


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The alternating of the singers enhanced the evening offering variety to what was being heard. Each of the trio took leads backed by the other two, rotate and then join as a duo or trio, beautifully staged and arranged. Hit after hit, memory following the one before, they combine songs. “Dancing in the Streets” extended the energetic flow not allowing anyone to drift off. Many here were dancing in the aisles. Kevin offered the marvelously beloved song “My Girl” which he took some lyrics and created into his own thoughts. That is one strength of a well-rounded artist. “Do I like the blues?” Yes! In a salute to one of Motown’s top stars, Marvin Gaye, “Let’s Get It On” was silky, serene, totally pleasurable. Switching the mood, “Get Ready” made many listeners to jump up declaring that they were ready.

Motown Classic Revue

Kevin ruefully announced that they had time for one more song. Unfortunately, the girls did not know what song so they were as surprised as everyone there. “I Feel Good” sprung James Brown, not of the Motown legacy, and the trio sang the lyrics but inside they felt the same feelings. The performers departed to wild applause.


In a few minutes with many in the audience remaining, discussing the show just viewed and not wishing to leave the venue, Kevin approached and said that they would give us a few more songs since many people were still there. The reward was “Sunny”, such a fine R&B tune. He knew this song well, flooring the listeners. Lauren asked if the crowd remaining wished to hear “Midnight Train to Georgia” and responding to the affirmatives, she previewed her “Tribute to a Living Legend: Gladys Knight”. Joi slid into the spotlight and revealed “I don’t have a song because I am new here.” She asked “How many people here are in love?” Five!?! She described her role as the M.C. of the new show “It’s Raining Men” surrounded by beautiful men. She declared the men are very sexy so come see them and maybe your luck will change. With no chosen background track, she launched into an a cappella “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” She is remarkably beautiful in voice and appearance.


History from a Motown fanatic: The music and legends of Motown Music are known to nearly everyone, especially those music lovers from the midwest USA near Detroit, Michigan. Berry Gordy shortened Motor Town, in reference to Detroit’s major role as a motor vehicle producer, into Motown. Its nickname was “Hitsville U.S.A.” When Motown Records burst on the scene in the early 1960s, it changed the face of popular music forever. It billed itself as “The sound of young America”. Berry bought a house in 1959 where he brought in young people as Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross, The Marvelettes, Levi Stubbs, Marvin Gaye, The Temptation, Martha Reeves, The Four Tops, Mary Wells and later Michael Jackson. Others stopped by his house hoping that Berry had time to listen to their singing. One young lady, Martha Reeves who was a singer, started as secretary and was often called into the recording room to add background vocals. Eventually, a vast number of these young aspiring singers became superstars including Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder, music legends. Motown was a seedbed for extraordinary artists.

Motown Classic Revue

Berry ran teams of songwriters and musicians who produced material for girl groups, boy bands and solo singers bringing black popular music into the mainstream. The “Motown Sound” was characterized by syncopated bass lines, call-and-response choruses and strong backbeats accented with drums and tambourines. Cast members declared “Go big or Go home.”


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