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From physical to digital location: restaurants’ new normal

The new digital location is a key element, according to Chilean startup business accelerator Justo.

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In order to enhance the sector’s resilience, the Mexican restaurant business must use new lessons learned. One of the most crucial is to remember that the new “location, location, location” is on their own website. From there, they may collect consumer data, develop loyalty, and offer quick and direct feedback. Digital location is the new important location.

According to Atenea Gonzalez, Mexico’s Country Manager of the Chilean startup Justo:

Restaurants continue to consider physical location as a key element when changes in customer consumption, new hybrid work schemes, and the strengthening of e-commerce challenge the sector on how to strengthen its digital presence, with data and information that does not depend on third parties.

Mexican consumers profile has grown increasingly digital. Thus, it is critical to bet on a website that is fast, easy to use, easy to return to purchase, and that provides information on the location of deliveries. When there is a quick, simple, and transparent integration in a single site that allows from comfortably reviewing the menu of the place to the reception of the food, there is a weekly sales increase of up to 10% for the business.


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In an ideal world, restaurants would be able to advance in their digitization by prioritizing additional metrics in addition to traditional ones. These include the optimization of differnet processes ranging from digital marketing, menu segmentation, new lines of business, route management, and more efficient shipments.

With a self-managed platform, restaurants may also receive better feedback from their customers, allowing them to clarify issues or misunderstandings in a tailored manner; and ask diners for positive comments about their experience, allowing for greater engagement with potential consumers.

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