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Ayahuasca’s Ceremony

We invite you to live this magical experience of inner contact, we will have ayahuasca ceremony and some topics of your interest. We will have: Ayahuasca’s Ceremony, Rape (Amazon Tobacco), Shipibo songs & medicine music

We will feature:

– -Víctor Fuentes Exponent and founder of Spiritual Psychology and exponent of awaknees
Victor shares with us his unique way of transmitting his message from a simple language, leading us to the understanding that life and magic only exist in our present, at this moment. Through full attention we reconnect with life.
Time to connect with the magic of the place.
Meditation, contact with sound
Victor shares us simply through the workshop of awakening how to identify the traps of the ego. And how to connect with our divine will.
We will start with the granny ceremony at 8:00 p.m.
The effect can prolong its effects from 4 to 5 hours approximately, the ceremony closes when the sun rises,
Followed by that we will share food and experiences.
Followed by more learning from the heart.


The ceremony with the sacred grandmother ayahuasca con is a thousand-year celebration, where we are all invited to deepen our being to connect with our essence, where we come from, where we are, and where we want to walk. By seeing what we are, we can also see what does not belong to us and let go of it.
The ceremony with the taking of ayahuasca is an invitation to give up the illness, fears, pain, emptiness and confusion, when we realize that we are not that which afflicts us and that none of that is ours, we can then with the heart open and full of love to deliver to the Great Spirit, to the plant or to the mother earth all the weight that we have been carrying.
Participating in a ceremony requires a commitment to life with ourselves. This is a serious job that deserves all our conviction and determination to, at our pace, continue raising our consciousness and reflect it and integrate it into the day to day in our society. The diet that is encouraged to perform is fundamental at the physical level for the correct absorption of the medicine and in turn reflects your commitment in your process. It is recommended to start the diet at least three days before the first ceremony and continue for two or three days after the last one.
➢ Refrain from consuming alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, not consuming any type of meat, chili, pepper, salt and sugar. These substances can interfere with Ayahuasca’s own sensitivity and absorption so they are limited to increase our receptivity to medicine.
➢ Maintain a diet rich in water, fruits and vegetables, salads, juices, teas.
➢ Refrain from all types of sexual activities.
➢ Abstain from readings or access to news, newspapers and information that generates negative emotions contrary to everything we want to achieve.
➢ Be calm and in harmony with everyone and everything around us.
➢ Do not consume medicines at least 15 days before (If you are taking any type of medication or medical treatment it is important to mention it before booking)


It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes, light colors, bottle of water, a candle and an offering of flowers or fruit to share in the morning. Blanket or sleeping and pillow.
The day of the meeting:
Have a light breakfast and during the course of the day only consume water. (Refrain from consuming citrus fruits).
➢ People with mental illness
➢ People with heart conditions
➢ People who are under medical treatment with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs)
➢ People dependent on heroin or cocaine.
See you soon beautiful family.

The event is finished.


Oct 02 2021


9:00 PM




Ayahuasca Puerto Vallarta
Puerto Vallarta

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