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22nd Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore 2021 fires off in Cabo

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The mayor of Los Cabos, Armida Castro Guzmán, along with Clicerio Mercado, coordinator of sport fishing tournaments in Baja California Sur, fired the opening shot for the 22nd Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore 2021 tournament, in Buenavista beach, with 100 boats competing for a total purse of $1,609,75 million dollars.

The mayor of Los Cabos stated in her statement that the Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore 2021 contest is a game changer in sport fishing and coastal fishing history:

Thanks to the Bisbee family and Clicerio for persevering in the face of adversity. Today, we are making the fishing tourney a reality; in local life, it signifies the start of a season, the start of abundance.

She also declared that all hygienic measures are followed to ensure the health of the contestants; there are fewer people on the boats, and all participants must wear masks at all times.

Clicerio Mercado, on his end, said that participation has increased by 30% since last year, when there were only 72 boats; he also stated that the competition will last three days and that the species captured will be blue and black marlin, tuna, and mahi mahi.

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