La Paz cruise ship arrivals will reactivate in 2022
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La Paz cruise ship arrivals will reactivate in 2022

According to the President of the Mexican Cruise Association, La Paz could receive one cruise per week for the next year

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José Arturo Musi, president of the Mexican Association of Cruises in the state, spoke about the possibility of reactivating cruises in the state by 2022, with the majority coming from the United States.

“The pandemic has halted cruise activity all over the world. They will reactivate in Europe this year, and in the Caribbean at the start of the following year. We anticipate that reactivation will begin here next year.”

2020 was an atypical year…

He noted that La Paz received 15 cruises in 2020, which, while not a large number, caused a significant economic spill due to the expenses of tourists and crew. Most of cruise ships arriving in La Paz come from the United States or have passed through the Panama Canal on their way to Alaska.

“In order to have more arrivals, we would have to take some from Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlán, or Puerto Vallarta, which would be difficult because they are more mature destinations with better cruise infrastructure.”

But 2022 will be better

“The high season for cruises in La Paz is during winter, when the Alaska route is closed. Because of the heat, the low season is during the summer.” Let us hope, for the sake of the destination, that 2022 is a fantastic year.

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