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Beaches of Cabo to receive re-certification

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Javier Ontiveros, Municipal Director of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone (ZOFEMAT) in the Municipality of Los Cabos, announced that the confirmation of the certifications for the more than 22 beaches, both the Blue Flag and the Mexican Institute of Standardization and Certification one.

The auditing process is about to come, so cleaning and maintenance work is under way, as water and sand cleanliness is to be determined at all beaches to prove there is no pollutant present.

“It is important that beach visitors help us by keeping their solid residues and not leaving them on the beach. We are sure we will meet all the requirements of the certifying bodies.”

Although not all the Cabo beaches are open, the ones open have been very busy and require more maintenance

“We will have the visit of both certifiers to take advantage of the efforts. We won’t be certifying any more beaches this time. We will remain with the 22 Blue Flags, 5 clean-area certifications, and 5 platinum”, Mr. Ontiveros added.

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