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Cameron Norrie, champion of Los Cabos Tennis Open

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The final matches of the Los Cabos Tennis Open took place earlier this Sunday. In doubles, Hunter Reese (US) and Sem Verbeek (NED) faced Hans Hach Verdugo (MEX) and Jon Isner (US). In singles, American Brandon Nakashima played Brithish Cameron Norrie.

Winners were the team of Hans Hach Verdugo and Jon Isner, while Cameron Norrie took care of business in the singles version. As a result of his victory, he received the 250 ranking points the ATP awards for the tournament winner.

Hans Hach Verdugo and Jon Isner holding their trophies as doubles champions.

The Los Cabos Tennis Open started on July 14 behind closed doors at the new Cabo Sport Complex. The venue, located at the Los Cabos Tourist Corridor, sits 3,500 spectators. Starting this year, it will be the official venue of this international event. They are expecting to be able to have the 2022 edition with public on the stands.

All in all, 28 players took part in this 2021 edition, with the broadcast reaching 79 countries through over 100 TV networks.

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