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Carnival Panorama arrives in Los Cabos

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The arrival of the Carnival Panorama to Cabo San Lucas, according to Arturo Mussi Ganem, president of the Mexican Cruise Association, will bring large foreign exchange that will exceed 4 million pesos. Each cruiser spends around 80 dollars in their visit and the mega cruise brings with it 2,800 to 3,000 passengers. They are all considered safe tourism.

He stated that the previous arrivals of the Carnival Panorama to the ports of Vallarta and Mazatlan were successful. He is sure that the same will happen in Cabo San Lucas. Strict sanitary measures, including double vaccination, are in place to receive the tourists. Passengers will be monitored at all times.

The ship is at 70% capacity, and organization has been great. We expect that the other cruise ships will reintegrate gradually. We need to rebuild tourism life and business in the region, while taking extraordinary care of health and protocols.

He emphasized the importance to revitalize this segment of tourism. Therefore, cruise ships are indeed returning to Mexico. Los Cabos began with the reactivation of airports, hotels, and restaurants. The only missing element was the cruise ships, which finally resumed operations after a whole year.


Carnival Panorama Los Cabos
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He noted that, according to data from the Bank of Mexico, cruise ship guests spend an average of $80 per person, rather than $60 as reported by the Integral Port Administration. This equates to more than 224,000 dollars, or over 4.2 million pesos, in a single visit.

Plus, what it leaves to the port, because Cabo San Lucas is one of the most expensive Pacific destinations in terms of running expenditures. So, the arrival of this ship leaves more than one million pesos in use tax fees.

Similarly, he stated that, in addition to the Carnival Panorama and Disney, additional cruise ships, such as Princess, Holland, and Norwegian, are expected to arrive by the end of the year, with approximately 30 ships arriving by the end of the year.


With information from Tribuna de Los Cabos.


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