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Fonatur investment of 172 million pesos for Los Cabos

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According to Felipe Moises Beiles Tapia, commissioner in charge of Fonatur’s regional delegation in Baja California Sur, there will be a Fonatur investment of 172 million pesos in the Integrally Planned Centers (CIP) Los Cabos and Loreto.

“We have a 172-million-peso investment for this year, with 103 million pesos going to Los Cabos and 68 million pesos going to Loreto.


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He stated that the CIP Los Cabos is considering the following works:

  • The third stage of the repair of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in the municipal capital, which would cost 20 million pesos and begin soon.
  • The first stage of the sanitary network repair in Cabo San Lucas’ tourist zone, which is already complete for a cost of 5 million pesos.
  • For a total of 14 million pesos, the complete rehabilitation of the urban infrastructure in many areas of Fonatur’s tourism zone that experience frequent failures owing to the expiration of the useful life of their facilities, work that is about to start.
  • General upkeep of Fonatur’s image sculpting, Flower of Development, work to begin.


The Historic Center’s urban image, as well as the cycle track and playgrounds in the tourist district of San José del Cabo, will receive maintenance for a total of 2 million pesos through measures that are set to begin.


He noted that the CIP Loreto will invest about $67 million this year, with $34 million going directly to conservation and upkeep.


The following infrastructure projects are in place for Loreto:

  • The rehabilitation of a 3 thousand cubic meter drinking water regulation tank in Nopoló, with a budget of 28.6 million pesos, with work set to begin.
  • The rehabilitation of electrical infrastructure in Supermanzana 1, 1A for 5 million pesos.
  • The urban image rehabilitation of the Fonatur flower sculpture for 1.5 million pesos.

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