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Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera come to Baja

Mexican icons are present in Baja California for the first time

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The Baja California Sur Museum of Art opened a new exhibition on May 13with works by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. These pieces will be on display until August 8 for the delight of the attendants.

The exhibition


The collections Frida Kahlo y los Cachuchas and Diego Rivera, el arte del dibujo are showing. These works have come to the state thanks to the cooperation of the governments of Tlaxcala and Veracruz, according to Iván Gómez, MUABCS technical coordinator of exhibitions.

Diego’s works come from the Veracruz Institute of Culture, who arranged them in chronological order and set them up in the first section of the MUABCS. “Frida Kahlo y los Cachuchas” comes from the Tlaxcalteca Institute of Culture. These are the three states government working together to create this show.

Tabla con diferentes frases y firmas (1948)
by Frida Kahlo
Instituto Tlaxcalteca de Cultura


Setting up an exhibition like this takes special requirements such as insurance and controlled conditions of climate, humidity, and temperature. The goal is to fostering culture in the state to make it more appealing destination for locals and visitors alike. The museum is inviting the public to take advantage of the presence of these cultural icons at La Paz, at driving distance from Los Cabos.

Visits can be guided or of free tour. if you are willing to attend, the museum requires previous appointments. Please call 612 129 4176 in office hours to schedule your visit.


The museum


Baja California Sur Museum of Art, located downtown La Paz, is in a 19th century building.  It housed several state government offices before it had to be torn down in 1963. In 1981, state official re-inaugurated it to work as the Californias Library, among other uses.

A new project started to recover the space for cultural purposes in 2018. The museum features three halls: Modern Art, Contemporary Art, and Emerging Sudcaliforninan Plastic. There is also an auditorium for lectures, video projections, and film festivals.

The Mexico City Museum of Modern Art advised on the setup and indoor lighting.

The Baja California Sur Museum of Art is at 5 de Mayo Street, downtown La Paz. You can visit its Facebook page here.

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