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Hawker for Tribuna de Los Cabos turns 104

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Mr. Enrique Molina Padilla, hawker for the Tribuna de Los Cabos newspaper for nearly 30 years, turned 104 on Monday, May 24, and CPS Media celebrated with him.

Originally from Nayarit, he and his wife arrived in Baja California 46 years ago on a red truck carrying all their belongings. They came to the city of La Paz first and then went to San José del Cabo. It took them two weeks to travel on the dirt road, and five more to reach Cabo San Lucas. They decided to stay here. They had eight children, but all have passed away. His wife also died years ago.

He was a schoolteacher, working better with kids with problems. After he retired, he started working for Tribuna de Los Cabos. He explains: “When I retired, I bumped into Tribuna one day just walking around. It was like a small book back then, in black and white. It started to rise because the reporters were very good.”

He started selling newspaper almost for fun and for 30 years he has woken up at 4 in the morning. At first, he had a tricycle and then a motorcycle. Now he rides the bus as he can’t longer drive. He also mentioned that he considers every area of the newspaper important, as everybody contributes with their grain of salt. He is very careful with the sales money. he finishes work at noon and goes to bed a 4 in the afternoon.

“I take selling newspapers as doing exercise. If I had stayed in my room, I would have gone with my wife long ago. This way, I move around and keep healthy.”

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