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Hotel employees vaccination complete in Los Cabos

Cosntruction workers come next

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David Illedra Villegas, leader of the CROC union, announced that hotel employees vaccination in Los Cabos has been a success. He recognized that priority is now focusing on those in the construction industry.


Additionally, he explained that his union national leader requested vaccines for tourism workers from the federal authorities. Also, he emphasized the support of the Los Cabos Hotel Association for this endeavor. Everybody understands the importance of vaccinating all the sector employees inside the developments’ facilities. Of course, health and government institutions were involved too.


As much as this stage was a great success, it is important to continue with the next step, the vaccination of the construction industry workers. There is an area of opportunity to attack in face of the series of contagions in this sector.


hotel employees vaccination


Martha Beatriz Armenta, union delegate, mentioned that hotel staff has shown a good answer to the vaccination effort. They are expecting a second doses within 55 to 87 days. It will also happen in the hotels’ premises.


We are inviting all the people to get their shots. They can do it within their place of work. Employees don’t have much time to attend the vaccination centers. So, it is easier to bring the vaccines to their workplaces.

With information from Tribuna de Los Cabos.

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