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La Paz Marina, the only one with a Blue Flag

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Blanca Pulido Medrano, head of the State Commission for Protection Against Health Risks (Coepris) in Baja California Sur, announced that the state is a national example of clean and good quality beaches. Also, it is the only one in the country with a Blue Flag in a marina, Marina Cortez. Proudly, it is the city of La Paz Marina.

She stated that recreational beaches in the state are among the best in the country in terms of water quality. From a bacteriological standpoint, the results have remained below the allowed 200 enterococci. Baja California Sur rates only ten.

la paz marina

The government official added that in the peninsula there are 38 sampling points. At La Paz there are 14 monitoring stations on 14 beaches. Los Cabos has 16 and Loreto 7. There is also a new one in Comondú. It is at La Mantequilla beach, the one with the greatest influx of visitors.

It is worth noticing that the state ranks first in terms of beaches certified with the Blue Flag, while Cancun, Quintana Roo is in second place.

Los Cabos got 27 Blue Flag honors, while a Marina in La Paz received the certification; nationwide, Baja California Sur is the only state in the country that has a Blue Flag certification; there are no certified Marinas anywhere else in Mexico.

Regarding the water quality of the most visited beaches nationwide, she said that the results are published on the web page of the Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat). There people can see that Baja California Sur is one of the best and cleanest states.

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