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La Paz was selected as one of The World’s Greatest Places 2021

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, also appears in the list.

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TIME Magazine selected La Paz, Baja California Sur’s capital city, as one of the The World’s Greatest Places 2021.

This is the third year TIME publishes this list. According to the magazine, “(the list) is a tribute to the people and businesses at the forefront of those industries who, amid extraordinary circumstances, found ways to adapt, build and innovate. It shines a light on ingenuity, creativity, revitalization and reopenings in destinations across the world.”

As in the previous years, TIME solicited nominations of places from their international network of correspondents and contributors. They compiled a list including countries, regions, cities and towns. They kept an eye toward those offering new and exciting experiences.


As a result came a list of 100 unique destinations. Besides La Paz, from Mexico it included Puerto Escondido. Mexico is the only Latin American country with two entrants. Accordingly, other Latin American destinations appearing in the list were: Belize; Costa Rica; Grenada; and Patagonia National Park, Chile. Also present are the cities of José Ignacio, Uruguay; Mendoza, Argentina; and Quito, Ecuador.

About La Paz from TIME:

The Mexican seaside city of La Paz is two hours north of the popular Cabo San Lucas and its busy resorts, but with its laid-back vibe, it might as well be a world away. Visitors can take a relaxed stroll on the malecón, a three-mile-long pedestrian walkway right along the Sea of Cortez, lined with ocean-inspired sculptures and open-air cafés. The newly opened Baja Club Hotel, by boutique Mexico City developer Grupo Habita, occupies a colonial-era former private mansion.

Epic marine-life encounters are the main draw to La Paz and its surrounds—these are the waters Jacques Cousteau referred to as “the world’s aquarium”—and there are plenty of boat excursions to choose from. On uninhabited Espíritu Santo Island, just offshore, the glorious Camp Cecil de la Isla has luxe canvas tents with a canopy of stars overhead. With new American Airlines direct flights from Dallas and Phoenix, La Paz is primed to welcome many more guests this year. —Terry Ward

Proudly, this is yet another honor awarded to La Paz, a vibrant end ever-growing port in the California Gulf.

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