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Laws pro LGBT+ community approved in Baja California Sur

Conversion therapies banned, gender recognition approved

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The Baja California Sur Congress approved two initiatives in support of the LGBT+ community. The first one prohibits people from being subject of orientation and gender identity conversion therapies. The second one acknowledges the right of any individual to request a new birth certificate in order to recognize their gender identity. These are important pro LGBT+ measures long overdue in the state.

Mercedes Maciel, a deputy of the Labor Party (PT), presented the two initiatives for review in February, and the Permanent Commission on Human Rights and Indigenous Affairs ultimately approved them.

The 14 legislators present unanimously approved them after voting the extraordinary session that began Monday night, within the framework of the commemorative acts of June 28.

According to deputy Mercedes Maciel, the first initiative reforms the Law to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination and adds an article to the state Penal Code to protect human rights and avoid conversion treatments.

He emphasized that the World Health Organization (WHO) recognized these treatments as “torture practices, in addition to violating fundamental human rights, they are violent and discriminatory.”

People marching for LGBT+ rights in Loreto, BCS


Gender recognition in Baja California Sur

Regarding the second initiative, she stated that deputies amended article 39 of the state Civil Code, establishing the right to a new birth certificate for gender recognition for any individual of legal age who requires identification.

“Changing one’s name and gender does not release or exempt one from the obligations or responsibilities contracted with one’s previous identity,” she explained.

During this Tuesday, organizations and groups in favor of human rights and activists of the LGBT + community have celebrated these reforms and demand that the corresponding procedure be fulfilled for their publication.

It is worth mentioning that due to legal disputes that have reached Mexico’s Supreme Court of Justice, the state’s governor, Carlos Mendoza Davis, has decided not to publish any of the initiatives or reforms approved by this legislature for over a year, and has recently returned to Congress more than twenty vetoes on approved laws. The legislators overturned the vetoes and demanded their publication from the governor.

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