Los Cabos Fish tournaments calendar announced for 2021
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Los Cabos Fish tournaments calendar announced for 2021

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Clicerio Mercado, Coordinator of Sport Fishing Tournaments in Baja California Sur, announced the calendar of sporting events to be held from April to December of this year throughout the state at a press conference, reiterating that even in the midst of the pandemic, they could not stand idly by and were determined to go ahead with the annual activity.

He stated that sport fishing has already proved that tournaments can be held, it is enough to follow the protocols based on the epidemiological traffic light, so he made an invitation to spread the spirit of sport fishing, to seek economic reactivation.


He added that care to avoid infection is vital, and that in case the sanitary authorities mandate to cancel any tournament, they will comply, as health goes first.

The events are scheduled to take place in several cities in the state. Two have already taken place and two more are programmed for May

The first two sport events were “La Jungla” at Mulegé on April 16 and 17, to catch horse mackerel, and “Fanáticos de la Pesca”, on April 17 and 18, to catch comber.

The next one is “Robert Ross” in Loreto with marlin on May 14 to 16, and “Cardonal” on May 28 and 29 with marlin, mahi-mahi, and Tuna.

Mr. Mercado mentioned that this year’s edition of the Cabo Bisbee’s will have a total jackpot of $4.7 million dollars, the largest one in this tournament’s history.

On a side note, Clicerio Mercado presented the trailer of the film “Blue Miracle”, about the victory of the Casa Hogar shelter right after it had been battered by hurricane Odie in 2014. The film offers the Hollywood take about the shelter and its story. It will be streaming at Netflix starting May 27.

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