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Renate Herberger will swim to create awareness

Protest swimmer comes to La Paz

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This May 29 at 10:00 in the morning, professional swimmer Renate Herberger will swim from the La Paz Malecón to the mega cruises. Her goal is to create awareness and in solidarity with the La Paz community. Solidarity with marine species of this capital city is also important, given the damage that the boats are causing in the bays.

The athlete has traveled a total of 8,448 kilometers through marine sanctuaries around the world. This time she will cross the bay of La Paz to appreciate closely the marine damage caused by the presence of boats. Also, her idea is to express her dissatisfaction, given that, despite what is said, mega cruise ships are a serious source of contamination.

Renate Herberger stated that the inspiration for this idea came from her visit to the beach “El Tecolote,” where she saw an unrecognizable beach, completely filthy and with murky waters.

“I didn’t recognize the Tecolote, the sea was a garbage dump, black, a truly chemical color, and deeper into the sea there was a dirty smell, I couldn’t even see my hand in front of my face […] this clearly has to do with mega cruise ships, and what happened on the Tecolote happens on other beaches.”

She said that just one mega cruise ship parked in the bay for a day produces the pollution of up to a million cars in a city, and that we have had up to ten mega cruise ships parked in our seas since February.

In this regard, she added that one of the most affected species is the whale shark, which left early this time, and it is likely that with this situation during the months of October and November, they will be unable to return.


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