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Ships left La Paz to come back with passengers

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Arturo Musi Ganem, president of the Mexican Cruise Association, announced that the vessels which sailed from the port of La Paz will return to their ports of origin to prepare for the reactivation and bring tourism back soon.

In the case of the Mexican Pacific Riviera, he estimated that activities will begin in September. 2 mega tourist ships will arrive per week. They will be bringing more than seven thousand tourists to the destinations of Los Cabos, Mazatlán and Puerto Vallarta.

“The activity is already restarting in certain tourist areas. Therefore, several cruise ships are relocating to their home ports. They will conduct the first exit tests with volunteers and thereby ensure that their protocols are correct.”

He claimed that the number of cruise ships that arrived at La Paz was around ten. They did not arrive at the same time, that is, they were not all in the capital city’s harbor at the same time. The largest number of ships docked at the same time was seven, from the Carnivale Corporation’s Princess Cruises and Holland America Line shipping businesses.

“Nautical cruise tourism is a fantastic market. Because everyone wants to participate, we have the potential to capitalize on it. It is worth investigating since it would significantly alter the tourist position in the market.”

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