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State Theater Exhibition kicked off in La Paz

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The State Theater Exhibition 2021 was inaugurated today. The state’s most representative theatrical proposals were staged. The resulting music, orality, and body movements enrich the variety of formats and topics.

This exhibition will feature the work of three different theatrical companies. They will perform plays such as “Bacteria,” “n+n+n,” and “Antes de mí.” Sylvia Rittner, Director of the Teatro de la Ciudad, made the announcement. She also stated that for more information about the scheduling of these shows, please visit or the Facebook page Teatro de la Ciudad La Paz.

This event will come to an end on Thursday, August 26. It is vital to remember that the plays presented at the exhibition will be free and available to the general audience. All of the protocols outlined by the health authorities will be followed, allowing audiences to enjoy the various plays without fear of coronavirus infection.

Finally, the City Theater’s director stated that the goal of this event is to increase the practice and love of theater among Baja California Sur residents. It also aims to develop and strengthen the theatrical productions of the state’s numerous theater organizations.

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