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Whale Museum features megafauna exhibition

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The Baja California Sur Whale Museum welcomes visitors who enjoy the sea and whales and want to learn more about whale protection. The museum, one La Paz main attractions, is now displaying an osteological exhibition of marine megafauna.

This is a small presentation of the skeleton building and restoration that takes place inside the museum. On later dates, they will be part of traveling exhibitions or collaborations with other museums throughout the country, according to the Whale Museum director Francisco Gómez.


“Our osteology workshop is close to the City Theater, and we have an exhibition of megafauna skeletons. These are the materials on which we have been working. We chose to open it to the public so that they could view the museum’s behind-the-scenes activity ”

Francisco Gómez indicated that it is currently open from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Because there is a maximum capacity of 4 individuals, a prior reservation is required. Those interested in attending this presentation can call 612 158 3781 to reserve a spot.

Finally, the manager said that this location is home to one of the most extensive collections of marine mammal skeletons. He went on to say that 28 of the 86 species that exist are located in the city of La Paz, making the existence of a place like this so crucial. He publicly encouraged locals to attend the exhibition, where they will learn about the history and evolution of marine species as well as how to help with their conservation.

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