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Whale Shark Season in Cabo


Underneath the surface of the ocean in Cabo San Lucas is a whole new world full of exotic and dazzling creatures. One of the magnificent creatures that journeys to the waters near the city is whale shark. During whale shark season in Cabo, the gentle giants spend their days basking in the warm waters and filling their bellies with plankton and tiny fish. Their unique appearance and gentle behavior make whale shark boat tours a highlight of the spring in Cabo for explorers and animal lovers. Come take a dive with whale sharks below the surface of the water to meet these famous animals.

whale shark

Whale sharks’ name is deceptive. Are they whales or sharks? They are definitely sharks, but their name comes from their size and appearance. While they don’t need to come to the surface to breath like whales do, whale sharks are the largest species of sharks, some reaching reported lengths of up to 60 feet, but most of the ones you’ll see during whale shark season in Cabo are around 30 feet.

If you spot these sharks in Cabo, you’ll notice their large, wide heads with their mouths at the tip of their heads, not underneath as other sharks’ mouths are. That’s because they are filter feeders. Their mouths are lined with 300-350 rows of tiny teeth and filter pads. They use them to capture plankton and tiny fish as the whale shark swims directly into them. Because of their unique eating method that is similar to many whales’, the whale sharks in Cabo are harmless to humans. You can safely swim nearby without worrying about them turning on you.

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However, because whale sharks are an endangered species, you’ll want to keep your distance and respect their environment. Before jumping in the water, make sure you’ve put on biodegradable sunscreen that won’t pollute the water. Additionally, the whale sharks in Cabo are protected by law. So only ecologically conscious tour companies will take tourists out to dive with whale sharks, allowing only two people to be in the water with a guide at a time.

whale shark

These tours only run during whale shark season in Cabo. It starts when they arrive in October and until they move on in March. These whale shark boat tours will take you up to the tranquil bay of La Paz. There is where the majority of these sharks gather. The tour isn’t just about getting to dive with whale sharks. They’re also an opportunity to learn about the gentle creatures and their conservation. As you swim, keep your eyes open for tropical fish, dolphins, rays, and even actual whales. Two of the best whale shark boat tours operators are Cabo Adventures and CaboTrek.

Make your Cabo vacation memorable when you go on the adventure of a lifetime with the majestic whale sharks. Seeing these gentle giants in their natural habitat will give you a deeper respect for the ocean. Put swimming with whale sharks on your Cabo bucket list. Make dreams come true when you book your whale shark boat tours.

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