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Covid-19 immunization certificate not required in Mexico

"No forbidding", Mexican President says

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President Andrés Manuel López Obrador stated that a Covid-19 immunization certificate will not be required to enter the country, restaurants, or shopping centers at the federal level, but that each state has its own powers in the matter, which will be respected.

“There are large demonstrations in Europe because they want a vaccine identification to move around or access shopping centers and restaurants, and many people are opposing. In the case of Mexico, we will not request that type of voucher, but we will ensure that there are no infections.”

During his press conference at the facilities of the Eighth Naval Zone in Puerto Vallarta, the President was questioned about the restrictive measures that sgtates such as Jalisco have imposed, such as closing bars or reducing the capacity of businesses.

“The general guideline is that we take care of ourselves, we already have enough experience and we already know what is not good for us and take care of ourselves; the healthy distance, not to approach when we have a family member who has been infected, all these measures and act responsibly, not to impose things, no forbidding”.

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