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Patterns and Pawns, and everything within

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Patterns are integral to nature. Are there significant and repeat patterns in our human societies? Might some major world events be orchestrated with expected outcomes? There is lots of time to think during this 2020 virus lockdown. This article has three parts…and they are interconnected.

If, under social distancing and lots of time, we’re easily distracted away from a critically important story, for example, our immune system, what have we missed? Please do your own research and form your own beliefs on the points below. There are no silver bullet answers to complex events. We should use intuition, experience, and critical thinking to consider what concerns us. This article may be a catalyst to your own research and opinions.


Pawns are the lowest valued pieces in the game of chess. I’ve coined the word CHESSIST to mean the player(s) who know their every move and have planned their response to the opponent’s reaction. This board game likely originated in India in the 6th century. It is about strategies and maneuvers. With different movements allowed in each of a players 16 pieces, a clear hierarchy exists…right up to the powerful queen and the king that needs lots of protection. As we observe social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands, is much of the entire human population being pawns in an ancient game of power and control?

Part 1: We are in awfully deep.

Perhaps what we want to know more about is in plain sight. We are conditioned that the sun and the moon are always there…though we don’t seek them out except when an event is presented to us like a full moon or an Perhaps what we want to know more about is in plain sight. We are conditioned that the sun and the moon are always there eclipse. We’re programmed over time to look where the hot stories are pointing. Drip by drip, an ocean of beliefs has been a continuous tsunami of myths, distortions, lies, distractions, and mysterious happenings. Some events are clear, like sports. (not withstanding fixes or doping). Weather forecasts are clearest by looking out a window rather than at the scantily clad forecaster.

Here’s a (?) research “to do” list of the societal deep state we have:

Who Controls the Money? Who Loans to Countries? Sets Interest Rate?

Does The Ideal of Democracy Truly Work In The People’s Interest?

Have More Regulations and Laws Improved The Quality of Life?

Why Should There Be Any Hunger When There Is Ample Resources?

How Did Corporations Become Invincible and Too Big To Fail?

Why do western societies condition us to fear other people?

Does political identity mean the other party is automatically bad?

Did Silicon Valley’s tools created by tech companies for government

surveillance, now in 2020, begin to backfire and challenge these

companies? Once used…now increasingly abused and regulated.

Is Outer Space Exploration an urgent use of taxpayer’s money?

Why and How Did China and the USA become the new “cold war”?

Part 2: Wars Are Win/Lose – There Is No Victory


* We Are The Only Species That Kills Within Its Own Species.


* Human Motives For Violence Began With The First Communities.


* History Repeats Itself…Wars Are A Perpetual Phenomena.


* Recent Decades of War Outcomes Seem Dominated by: Political Power, Ideology, Financial Control, Natural Resources, Innovative Weaponry, and Labeling Societal Problems like Wars Including Hard Drugs, Sex Trafficking, Illegal Immigration, Opiates, Killer Bees, Homelessness, Terrorism, Pedophilia, Pornography, Diabetes, and on and on, many leaders proclaim their wars. The results of these wars rarely get to the core of a problem. Band aids on serious wounds. The problem is not lack of resources. It usually is not understanding the cause of the problem and just seeing the symptoms. As political office holders are concerned only with their current power, long-term solutions and investments are ignored.


* Wars of violence result in deaths, injury, disability, post-traumatic stress, suicide and destroyed communities. Wars on real societal problems can make a difference. Let’s get rid of the term “war” entirely. It has never served mankind, and never will. There will always be evildoers and interventions may be required to save lives and restore peace and order. These are last resort actions.


* Genocide is clearly evil; a convenient war can have a similar outcome.

Part 3: Boundaries, Artificial Intelligence & Transmission


Viewing our planet from space shows us the majestic continents and oceans. Borders between countries are artificial. Mountains, climate, and water provide natural boundaries. A lot of our urban landscape can appear to be a series of gated communities. Boundaries divide people. The strategic motivation to support this separateness is in plain sight. Divide and conquer tactics has permeated recorded history for thousands of years. While political, economic, and ideological control is effective with boundaries air, water and food supplies don’t stop at a border crossing. We are experiencing, and more conscious, when one country dramatically impacts the quality of life and health in other countries.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) will sideline millions of jobs in this decade. The race for AI dominance is between China and the U.S. AI runs on DATA. That is the fuel for programming the algorithms that enable machines and appliances “experience” and “think” through to get the best result. We communicate with fewer live people to get our services and problems dealt with. This trend will accelerate greatly.


Control of the DATA accounts for the massive corporate investments in social media. Our very behavior is assimilated and digested by these digital platforms. Hard to escape this as what we buy, transact, communicate and fix problems flows through these networks…invisible to us. We are identified in these systems individually and collectively. There is, however, a more fundamental investment in control, economic power and political influence. It is transmission. Manually shifting the gears in a vehicle is a thing of the past. The automatic transmission is now in the fastest racing cars and virtually all-new vehicles. But there’s more.


The transmission and movement of natural resources provides a good example of how interconnected large populations are. This is a subject for a future article, as it deserves our understanding. Simply put, whether it is digital, liquid or gas, these products must travel thousands of miles to reach customers. Submarine cable now has been placed on the ocean floor across much of the inhabited planet. Yet there is another race occurring in digital transmission. Satellite and space stations, with relay points on earth are challenging the undersea cable systems. Ownership of these “lines” is what you might expect. From Google to AT&T these giants are gobbling up as many digital miles as possible. We have entered the Orwellian vision.

Artificial intelligence (AI) against the human brain.


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