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5 Towns to Visit from Puerto Vallarta

By Tribune Travel

October 05, 2021

Puerto Vallarta has been for almost 50 years a first-level tourist destination for travelers from all over the world. Its paradisiacal beaches and its lush-green mountains have turned it into one of the favorite places of Mexicans and foreigners for conventional, adventure, and ecological tourism. More recently, even medical tourism has boomed thanks to its modern facilities.   However, beyond all this beauty it has taken years to discover, there are other places well worth knowing, places not so much in the radar of travelers but with their own stock of marvels to unveil.   Be it on the beach, on the mountains or on the valleys surrounding Puerto Vallarta, there will surely be some site interesting for those travelers who don't stick to seeing what everybody wants to see and come to explore a bit further.   So, these are our recommendations of five places to visit from Puerto Vallarta.  

San Sebastián del Oeste

San Sebastián was on its peak during the colonial years. When you arrive at the town its architecture takes you directly to the past. The locals could spend hours telling you captivating stories. It is a delight to enjoy its cool climate, with the vegetation where pines and oaks release energizing aromas. One of the main attractions is La Bufa, a high hill that gifts you an impressive view to make memorable pictures with family and friends. To reach the spot the tours take you on ATV's or trucks. We recommend you wear warm clothes and adventure shoes.
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Its name comes from the word Amaxcotlán, which means place of deer and snakes. It is homeland of warm and nice people who looks to give you the best experience in your visit. One of the main attractions is the Temple of the Precious Blood. It is an unfinished structure where beautiful gardens are mixed to create an enchanting atmosphere. It is currently the ideal stage for concert, plays and cultural events. San Sebastián del Oeste, Talpa de Allende, Atenguillo and Mascota are part of the Biocultural Landscape. The organization seeks balance between rural communities and landscapes of the western Sierra Madre.  
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This Magical Town's center is invaded by the aroma of the typical sweets, with the guava roll outstanding. While you go strolling, you can watch the making of such an addictive flavor. You will find endless figurines carefully crafted with gum, which can't be amiss in your shopping list. Its church is an unmissable for hundreds of people. The celebrations of the Virgin of Talpa take place during the first days of May. This town is rich in vegetation, with a maple forest you would think belongs to somewhere in Canada.  
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In this city you can enjoy a delicious weather with an average of 21°C or 70°F. It also features forests of pines, eucalypts, and oaks among other species. Yu can visit Saint Dominic parish, dating back from 1749. Another of the main temples is Guadalupe, dating from 1875. Yet another one is the temple of Conception, also known as the Conchita Chapel. It also features several haciendas, the oldest one from 1716. Each structure has architectural details that will marvel you.  
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