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A cruise ship in Puerto Vallarta is due this month

Carnival Panorama will arrive on August 25th

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There will be a cruise ship in Puerto Vallarta this month. The Carnival Panorama cruise ship will arrive in Puerto Vallarta on August 25th. The cruise is property of Carnival Cruise Line. Susana Rodriguez Mejia, Director of Beach Tourism, made the announcement today. It will arrive with an estimated 70% of its passenger capacity, all adults and staff members already immunized.

cruise ship in puerto vallarta

Both the cruise industry, the cruise lines, and the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association have implemented and anticipate that this arrival will take place with all necessary security precautions.

This cruise ship has a capacity of roughly 4,800 people and 1,450 crew members and a length of 322 meters. It is one of the largest Carnival cruise ships to arrive at the destination.

The Integral Port Administration of Puerto Vallarta declared that it is working hard to develop a Sanitary Protocol in preparation for the return of cruise ships. Towards this goal, they reactivated the Cruise Community, a work team comprised of the Ports of Vallarta and Mazatlan, as well as International Health. They work together to share experiences, knowledge, and activities targeted at reinforcing Port choices.

It has also organized working groups with port service providers, tour operators, cab operators, guides, and the concessionaire Puerto Mágico. These groups look to establish the best sanitary standards and logistics for cruise ship guests’ mobility when they arrive at the location.

Additionally, they have scheduled the arrival of the Holland American Line cruise ships Noordam and Westerdam in August. These cruise ships will arrive without tourist passengers on board. They will only be in the oort to shelter them and supply them with the primary port services.

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