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Tonight is a musical and comedic tribute to the women who made their mark in country music. Bobbi mixes in classic songs made popular by males, too. Saskatchewan-born Bobbi Goddard and her live band take you back to an American musical genre not often heard in this region. But actually, there is a large audience for C&W since many of this community grew up in Canada or the USA where this music is extremely popular and heard across both countries. Bobbi’s show appeals to music lovers of all types.

Kevin Anthony arose from the seats to introduce the lady and called her show “The greatest country show in the world!” He is offering three shows at Act2PV: his own tribute to Lionel Richie and Stevie Wonder, a Motown Classic Review and an entire show honoring the great Gladys Knight. Bobbi’s band The Others are cowboys albeit some with Latino blood. She has selected musicians who are talented, experienced and play united. Sitting in tonight on drums was Steven Tenney, also bass: Roy Grooveman, guitar: Adrian Garcia and violon (fiddle, of the violin family): Ángel Balcazar. Bobbi asked, “What is Country music without a fiddle?” Racing from El Rio, Ángel enhanced the music with his superior sliding over the strings. Hello and welcome! “This is my first time in Puerto Vallarta!” Roars gave her a solid welcome to what she termed Paradise as she adjusts to the humidity.


bobbi goddard


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Females have always been popular in Country music. Looking back at Kitty Wells and Patsy Cline with some of their tunes dating back over seventy years, many are still popular. One of the greatest songs ever written in any genre is “Crazy”. Willie Nelson, who started as a songwriter, composed this memorable tune in 1961 which lucky Patsy recorded quite impressively. This is the chosen opening song. Bobbi embodied the lyrics deep inside her essence. She sent out waves of love with her strong yet endearing voice. Immediately the crowd realized that they were in for a fantastic performance by Bobbi and her band.

Bonni expressed her love of the prairies having grown up on them. She touched upon The Dixie Chicks (now The Chicks) flowing song “Wide Open Spaces”: “Room to make her big mistakes.” The lyrics tie directly to her life of leaving the familiarity of home to seek her dreams. Tanya Tucker is a major influencer of her love of Country music, breaking into “Delta Dawn” and loving every minute.

Bobbi said she did not have a boyfriend, but this glass of whiskey is her lover. She brought her new friend Kevin onto the stage saying “Our music is not that far apart.” “What is a Country show without whiskey?” She started with “(You’re as smooth as) Tennessee Whiskey” strong in Country roots. Then Kevin joined in, enveloping an Etta James style, scorching the air with his vocals. Together, apart, in harmony, they were perfect and would make a terrific show melding their styles.


bobbi goddard


Whenever Bobbi was stalled in indecision, she asked “What would Dolly do?” She was her mentor and reached into the Queen of Country, Dolly Parton, successes first with “9 To 5”. The band’s thumpings echoed the sound of a typewriter keys of the working secretaries in the film. Bobbi moved back and forth encouraging the audience to jump into the song like her. Although she does not like the name, she is a “Redneck Woman” like Gretchen Wilson wrote about, shopping half price from Walmart shelves. She rocked this tune with her band energizing the place.

“Stand By Your Man”, but which one, Tammy Wynette? Bobbi revealed that this star had five divorces. She also joked about the feud between Tammy and Hillary Clinton when she said “I’m not a stand-by-your man woman”. “Country music is full of ballads.” For a complete show, uptempo tunes are essential. “I’m On Fire” segued softly into “Ring of Fire”, a wonderful mash-up lending robustness to the evening. “Time for a break…for whiskey”, Bobbi announced as she disappeared out the side door.


bobbi goddard

Bobbi declared that the second act will start as the first, with Dolly Parton. “I Will Always Love You” topped the charts twice by Dolly, who was also the writer. Bobbi relates the story that Dolly wrote this masterpiece for Porter Wagoner who was her manager not lover. She made her name on his show and decided it was time to break loose and become a solo act. Later, the composition was recorded by Whitney Houston which gained her zillions of dollars in royalties. Bobbi has an innate knack for relaxed banter with her listeners, talking directly with some including “adoptive” Mom visiting from Canada.

Bobbi is fond of Bonnie Raitt, selecting “Something To Talk About” as her entry in the Queens of County. Another Queen she could not omit is the wildly popular Reba McEntire. She secretly stated that this song was her favorite of the night’s production. “Every Country song is a story, a three-act play.” Out popped “Fancy”, written by Bobbie Gentry. “I might have been born just plain white trash but Fancy was my name.”




Bobbi said “Dolly is the only queen to be featured three times tonight”. Dolly wrote about a red-haired “Jolene” who flirted with her new husband Carl Dean. The pair has remain married now for 55 years. “Please don’t take my man.” she plaintively sang. Carrie Underwood whom she said was her cousin who “has never asked me to even sing backup on one of her recordings” was covered with the vindictive “Before He Cheats”, slashing the bad man’s four-wheel drive and leather seats.

“I leave you with this song, words of County music”, “Mama, Don’t Let Your Cowboys”: “Let them be doctors and lawyers and such”. This was her strong warning about living a wild cowboy’s life and her vocals were at her peak. Otra! “This one’s for you, the perfect song to end with because we have become friends. “(I’ve got) Friends in Low Places” swayed the audience happy that they received one more song. This ended a super fine performance of a lady who is aware of her ability to please people, some of which were not fans of Country music. She said, “Bring a friend. It may surprise them.”


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Act II Entertainment – Act2PV – Red Room

Insurgentes 300 (corner of Basilio Badillo and Insurgentes), second floor

Romantic Zone/SouthSide, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

322 222 1512

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The box office is open from 10 am – 10 pm.


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