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Carnival Panorama changes date of arrival in Puerto Vallarta

It will be here on Tuesday 24 of August

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Susana Rodriguez Mejia, the Director of Beach Tourism for the State of Jalisco, announced a change in the arrival date of the Carnival Panorama cruise ship. It was originally scheduled to arrive on Wednesday, August 25th. Due to this modification, it will now be in Puerto Vallarta on Tuesday, February 24th.

The official made the announcement during the Seventh Health Round Table coordinated between Puerto Vallarta and Banderas Bay.

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Carnival Panorama


After touching land in Puerto Vallarta, the Carnival Panorama will continue its route. Its next stops will be Mazatán and Los Cabos. Those destinations will also have a change of schedule.

What will remain the same are the strict health protocols. Puerto Vallarta’s Integral Port Administration has developed a Sanitary Protocol and reactivated the Cruise Community, a work team comprised of the Ports of Vallarta and Mazatlan, as well as International Health.

The Carnival Panorama will arrive with an estimated 70% of its passenger capacity, all adults and staff members already immunized.


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