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Cuale River Market is now a Health-Friendly Environment

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Puerto Vallarta‘s Cuale River Municipal Market is now a certified space as a ‘Health-Friendly Environment.’ It proudly received the award this Wednesday by its tenants and municipal authorities. The appointment came after adopting a series of processes, activities, and training from the Ministry of Health of Jalisco. All these allowed the Market to achieve an adequate sanitary environment for those who are part of its premises.

Councilwoman Gemma Azucena Pérez Álvarez, president of the Tourism and Economic Development Commission, recognized the valuable effort made by the tenants. In coordination with the Municipal Markets Department, they made this great achievement possible. Their commitment and support played a key role.


Health-Friendly Environment


Tenants received training in health self-care and used disease detection. They used screening tools to obtain data such as their body mass index, waist measure, nutritional status, weight, height, glucose, cholesterol, and triglycerides, among other indices, for the certification of this market.


To commemorate this certification, the unveiling of the plaque as ‘Health-Friendly Environment’ of this space took place with the participation of the Market’s tenants and civil and sanitary authorities of Puerto Vallarta.


With information from Tribuna de la Bahía.

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