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Vallarta dancers are breaking it in Russia

They are representing Mexico in the VI World Folkloriada 2021

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A group of Vallarta dancers is representing Mexico in the VI World Folkloriada 2021, in Russia from July 3 to 10. The event, organized by the International Council of Organizations of Folk Festivals (CIOFF), is dependent on UNESCO. In this edition 40 countries are participating, and due to the pandemic, another 40 nations canceled.

CECyTE Jalisco’s Vallarta Azteca Folkloric Group. Juan Antonio Salcedo Padilla, the group’s leader, expressed pride in bringing the colors, rhythms, and enthusiasm of Mexico. A total of 37 dancers, musicians, and choreographers are taking part.


The ensemble produced a special presentation for Europe, featuring dances from Hidalgo, Nayarit, and Jalisco, complemented by mariachi music. They have created a stir and received standing ovations on the stages they have performed on.

The first festival of its kind took place in the Netherlands in 1996. Japan, Hungary, China, the Republic of Korea, and Mexico have also organized it.


With about 2,500 participants, the principal location is the Republic of Bashkortostan and its capital Ufa. The boys and girls carried the Mexican flag with considerable fervor in the inaugural parade, to much applause.

They have caused great interest

Ministers and governors have shown great interest in hosting them after all of their presentations. Philippe Beaussant, president of the organizing committee and delegate of UNESCO, as well as the minister of culture, Amina Shafikova, offered them words of recognition for their quality from the very first day, and have praised them as the best group of the night.


They have also been very active with media, and in social networks the Mexicans have caused a stir. They have received praise and admiration. So much so, that they have always been selected to close the program of each day, with the Jalisco stamp.

Although the official program concludes on the 10th, the Mexican delegation will stay a few more days, returning to Puerto Vallarta on July 18.

With information from Tribuna de la Bahía.


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