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The importance of taking a massage


When we hear the expression “spa”, there are some words that automatically come to our mind: rest, relaxation, well-being, massage, among others. Spas naturally bring about an array of emotions, so much that when we are inside one, we forget about everything: the daily life, housework, children, office, traffic, etc.

It is important to consider that the choice of the spa and the services we will take must not be based only on our desire to go or the cost of services, but rather accordingly to what our body really needs. This is vital, given that if we don’t provide our body with the correct treatment in a professional place, it won’t be worth it to be in a spa cabin. We will feel as we wasted our money because in a few days we will feel just as tired or with no improvement at all.

For all these reasons, we set up to listing some of the most sought-after massages with their benefits and counter indications.



This massage therapy helps you relax and based on stretching, it will help you correct your posture and align your vertebrae. The therapist moves the patient massaging with pressure in a series of different poses.


  • It mainly improves posture
  • It tones the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic system
  • It increases flexibility
  • It regulates your mood, harmonizing mind, body and spirit
  • It strengthens the immunological system
  • It diminishes stress bringing about a high level of relaxation


  • In case of muscle injury or inflammation
  • In case of bone fracture or dislocation
  • With varicose veins
  • Drugs or alcohol intoxication
  • Cancer or tumors



This therapy combines the use of basaltic stones at different temperatures with special oils to facilitate the flow of energy and muscle relaxation by repairing the fine tissue. It provides a complete well-being and inspires a spiritual connection with element earth.


Benefits of the massage:

  • It reduces chronic bone and muscle aches
  • It helps balance the nervous and circulatory systems
  • It reduces the stress level in a notorious manner
  • It oxygenates the skin
  • It eliminates toxins
  • It renews energy levels
  • It helps induce sleep


  • Not apt for pregnant women
  • Not for anorexic people
  • In case of kidney or liver issues
  • In case of high blood pressure
  • In case of epilepsy or heart conditions, diabetes, osteoporosis, and migraine



This technique is based upon going into the deepest part of the tissue, that is, the part that comprises the base of corporal static (posture). The therapists uses their hands, forearms and elbows, so you might feel a little uncomfortable during the session, but at the end you will feel very relieved as all the muscles are stretched, improving your mobility and flexibility.


  • It releases toxins stored in the muscles for a long time
  • It lowers heart rate and blood pressure
  • It lowers the stress level
  • It alleviates chronic pains
  • It improves posture
  • It helps injuries recovery


  • Not to apply during the first three months of pregnancy
  • In case of skin diseases
  • Not before six months from any kind of surgery
  • In case of acute rheumatic illness
  • In case of nervous system illness
  • Kidney problems in acute phase
  • Hematomas, recent hemorrhages, open wounds, acute sprains


After reading this, you now have a better idea of the best massage for you. Ask for the best option for you while you are visiting Puerto Vallarta.


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