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Let us celebrate Taco Day in Mexico


Its flavor identifies territory and satisfies desires. We have commemorated it since 2007. It’s Taco Day in Mexico.

The taco is one of Mexico’s most traditional dishes. In fact, it is the best-known Mexican specialty in the world.

The tradition isn’t as old as you might believe. Actually, it all began in 2007, when TV company Televisa launched a campaign with the slogan “Because everyone has a day: Taco Day, March 31.”

In fact, they developed a website with interesting facts to encourage people to set a date for the taco. The celebration included each state’s specialties.

Because no one can say no to tacos, the date has been kept every year, particularly by numerous places that provide special deals for the big day.

taco day in mexico carnitas

The following is a list of Mexico’s most popular tacos:

  •     Al pastor
  •     Carnitas
  •     Longaniza
  •     Carne asada (steak)
  •     Cochinita
  •     Birria
  •     Cabeza (pork head)
  •     Chicken
  •     Fish

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Everything can go inside a tortilla in any occasion and at any time. Even in the wee hours of the morning, when we put off drunkenness with the heat of a spicy sauce in a taqueria. Tacos have infinite styles; everything can go inside a tortilla in any occasion and at any time. We may not be able to include them all because there are so many, but we will try:

Suadero, campechano, nana, buche, barbacoa, flautas, tripa, sesos, acociles, charales, chapulines, mariscos, carnita asada, canasta, veganos, gobernador, placero, cochinita, acorazados, or simply salt and sauce!

So now that you know, let’s rejoice in Taco Day in Mexico

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