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Mandatory vaccines for cruises in Puerto Vallarta: Governor

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Cruise ship passengers landing in Puerto Vallarta will be denied entrance unless they produce proof of vaccination and a negative COVID test. That was the announcement by Enrique Alfaro Ramirez, Jalisco’s governor. This means mandatory vaccines for cruises in Puerto Vallarta , or negative PCR tests.

During the weekly press conference, the state governor asserted that communication was already happening between the appropriate parties. State government, Puerto Vallarta port authorities, and shipping lines must agree before cruise ships return to this city. However, adjustments to sanitation protocols will be in place:

    “It is very important for Puerto Vallarta that cruise ships return but they must have absolute security mechanisms. So, if a ship arrives, in order for someone to get off the ship they must have already been vaccinated and get off the cruise ship with a negative test.”

The state governor admitted that Puerto Vallarta needs to host cruise ships in order to reactivate its economy. Nevertheless, he stated that cleanliness regulations must be in place in order to receive passengers:


    “We have just made an assessment with the entire hotel service sector of Vallarta. It seems to us that with the appropriate measures this type of tourism will be viable in the port. it sure is much needed for the economic reactivation.”

Regarding airports, he stated that beginning this week, they will be fine-tuning the reinforcement of health protocols with Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico, and that the results will be out in a few days.

It is important to recall that the Carnival Panorama cruise ship will arrive in Puerto Vallarta on August 25th. It will come with around 70% of its passenger capacity. They will be all adults and crew members who have previously received vaccinations.


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mandatory vaccines for cruises

Also,  Holland American Line cruise ships Noordam and Westerdam will come to port in August. These ships will arrive without tourist passengers on board. They will simply be at the port for shelter and replenishing.

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