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3 (more) mountain biking routes to ride in the Bay


Mountain biking has become very popular in recent years. It is exciting to practice it in Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings, rich in natural settings and routes. Also, a great thing is that you can enjoy it regardless of your level of expertise.


As we promised in our post: Mountain biking, thrill and fun for everyone , here is the second set of three biking routes in the bay. Are you ready?


El Tuito – Yelapa


This route, which is mainly for bikers with medium – high condition, begins in the historic town of El Tuito. It is located between pine trees and the mountain at 1,000 meters above sea level. You’ll start the ride along a road full of long planes, up and down to the small town of Chacala. There, you will have the opportunity to snack and hydrate. After this short break in Chacala, you will continue on a dirt road for some more pleasant climbs.

Then, you will reach the most spectacular viewpoint of the entire Bay of Banderas. After this spot, the remaining stretch is all downhill. Along the rest of the route, you will find 10 kilometers of rocky and steep, but exciting, descents. Once in Yelapa you will have the opportunity to have lunch, have a cold drink and enjoy the serenity of this peaceful fishing village.


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Río Mismaloya mountain biking


If your thing is to test your condition, then this is the right route. Actually, if you are very intrepid you can start the tour from Puerto Vallarta taking the federal highway 200. However, the real route begins at the entrance to the village of Mismaloya. Once you start the road it will be very easy at the beginning. You will be riding along the main street of this picturesque town.

But, as you go along the road, it will only go up. In this tour you will ride for 8 kilometers parallel to the river. You will come across certain points where you can go down to take a bath in the river if you wish. You’ll know it’s time to return when you hit the spot once used as the set for the movie Predator. In contrast, on the way back, the road will become a fun downhill to the original starting point.


Parque Lineal


The linear park is a recreational route local people use for casual riding. It is usually very busy in the evenings. With approximately 1.5 kilometers, this park is divided into two parts. The first one very well adapted to the concept of park with an asphalt road. On the other hand, the other half is a dirt road perfect for biking. Along this route parallel to the Pitillal River you can enjoy a contrast of landscapes.

Between the urban and the natural, from the middle of the road you will pedal among the latter. The coolness of the trees and the vegetation along the river will be your companions. Also, this option is perfect for those with children and willing to go out to exercise for a while. From the North Hotel Zone, the linear park accessis located just across from the access road of El Holi beach.


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