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3 mountain biking routes to ride in the Bay


Mountain biking has become very popular in recent years. It is exciting to practice it in Puerto Vallarta and its surroundings, rich in natural settings and routes. A great thing is that you can enjoy regardless of your level of expertise.


As we promised in our post: Mountain biking, thrill and fun for everyone , here are the first three biking routes in the bay. We will start with the Puerto Vallarta area.


Puerto Vallarta – Vallejo


This route, suitable for all levels, begins with a nice warm-up from Colonia Las Canoas. From there, it continues along the Cuale River for 5 km. During the tour you will witness the daily lifestyle of towns such as Paso Ancho and Paso del Guayabo. Just before reaching the Los Almacenes Bridge, you will have to take the bifurcation to the right. It will lead you in the direction of Vallejo through a dirt road.

The forest of the Sierra Madre will thicken as you go up this wavy trail. Right then, you will reach one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area. Here you can take a break, swim or simply admire the nature while you prepare for the way back, which is mostly downhill.


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Puerto Vallarta – San Pedro


If you like to ride uphill, this is the trip for you. You can start from this tour through La Rivera Street. You will go along the Cuale River for almost 5 km around several locations. Soon, you will reach the dirt road and begin to climb and descend for 17 km. Ultimately, you will reach an altitude of around 1,000 meters. While pedaling, you will enjoy the incredible panoramic views that the Sierra Madre offers. 4 main ranches are located in the area: Las Guácimas, El Hundido, El Jorullo and, finally, San Pedro. Once there you can make a brief stop to enjoy a snack and prepare for the way back. You will experience the most exciting descent through the mountain.


Photo: wikiloc.com


Puerto Vallarta – El Coatante mountain biking


Starting from Marina Vallarta you can warm up for 5 kilometers while taking the road to the Las Juntas. Once there you will start the longest stretch, but still quite easy, of the route. You will ride on the road that takes you towards Las Palmas, passing through Ixtapa, La Desembocada and El Colorado. Once there you will access through Revolution Avenue and follow straight the road. During the route of approximately 13 kilometers, you will ride right next to the Ameca River. Remember it forms the natural border of the states of Jalisco and Nayarit.

The nearest town is Tebelchia. From there, if you think it was too much, you can finish your tour and turn back. But if you are intrepid enough, you can go on the remaining 7 kilometers until finally reaching El Coatante. Once there you will find a spot to take a break, have some refreshments, and get ready to return.



here are 3 more routes in the area:

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