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Nuevo Vallarta will officially become Nuevo Nayarit


The members of the Bahía de Banderas Council approved the change of name from Nuevo Vallarta to Nuevo Nayarit. The change had been proposed since January 3rd this year.

The council members claim that this modification aims to reposition Nuevo Vallarta as a tourist destination and encourage the consolidation of its own identity and sense of belonging to this neighborhood, which is home to numerous significant hotels in the Banderas Bay region.

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Members of the community briefly stopped the meeting to voice their opposition to the name change. They fear the economic and legal ramifications it would bring about. They also asked the alderman to support them by voting against the name change. Unfortunately for them, their request went unanswered.

coucil meeting for Nuevo Vallarta change to Nuevo Nayarit
Citizens protest at the Council meeting

The aldermen’s vote was based on the conviction that this iconic area needs a new identity. They want tourists to easily identify it as being in the state of Nayarit.

The area’s residents will experience development and wealth, Mayor Mirtha Villalvazo Amaya said, despite the misgivings raised today.

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After the voting, the neighbors complained once more that they had been ignored in this “political whim” and that they ought to stop wasting their time on initiatives of this nature when there are so many more pressing concerns, like security.

Nuevo Vallarta residents reprimanded the councilmen for “not listening to them and changing the name of Nuevo Vallarta only by raising their hands.”


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