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Puerto Vallarta occupancy at 65%

A light increase is expected still

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Ramón González Lomel, the director of Municipal Tourism, expressed satisfaction that this summer is looking very good for Puerto Vallarta occupancy. It is registering up to 65 percent as of today July 7. He expects it to increase to 70 percent as long as both service providers and visitors maintain sanitary measures in place.

We are thrilled to be getting such a positive response, especially from national tourists right now. We are now able to do so thanks to connectivity. There are numerous airlines bringing travelers from Monterrey, Aguascalientes, and Guadalajara. We have an occupancy rate of more than 65%.

Ramón González Lomelí, Director of Municipal Tourism in Puerto Vallarta


We anticipate a very good summer, with everything that will be July and the beginning of August hovering above 70%. That is, as long as we are all attentive and continue monitoring and keeping all protocols. That will be the key to success, our being responsible. This goes not only for the hotel industry, but also for restaurants and all specialized trade. We all must adapt to this new safety culture.

Infections are rebounding in some areas

The rebound in COVID-19 infections prompted the governor of Nayarit to announce the switch to yellow light. Mr. González Lomelí stated that it does have an impact on the destination because it is a conurbated area.

We have been talking about this since last week, we have to be very careful in that regard. Infection levels have even risen a bit. We have to take this with all responsibility and professionalism. If the residents of the Riviera Nayarit visit us, we must make sure they perceive that we are fully respecting the protocols.

The Vallarta municipal council member noted that 20 of his collaborators conducted an awareness day last week, touring all sectors of the tourism trade to ensure that biosafety regulations are followed.

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