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Old Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara road closed

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Road 544, the old road Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara route, will be closed for at least three days due to landslides.


The Thursday night storm created a sinkhole near the Soyatán crossroad. Authorities closed the road at 6 o’clock Friday morning.


The land under the road slid, leaving pavement practically hanging air above a water stream. Some piping is also below the road.

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Maintenance contractors are already working on the situation. They will have to tear down the  road firast. Then they will rebuild with new, stronger materials and specifications.


In the meantime, access from Puerto Vallarta to Mascota, Talpa and Guadalajara this via is not possible by now. Bus passenger will have to travel to the point of the incident, cross the destroyed part and take another bus on the other side to continue their journey.


We’ll keep you updated as events evolve.


With information from Tribuna de la Bahía.

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