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One cruise ship per week in Puerto Vallarta in September

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As of September, there could be at least one cruise ship in Puerto Vallarta per week. Susana Rodriguez Mejia, the Director of Beach Tourism, told us of this. Meanwhile, the arrival of Carnival Panorama is scheduled for the 25th, with tight sanitation measures in place.

Meetings have already been held with Carnival in preparation for the arrival of this first cruise ship. They established the tests to perform and the protocol to follow for the following cruise ships arriving at this port. This will allow more ships to arrive in September.

“Let us receive this first cruise ship. Carnival’s people have already visited the destination and the tours to understand the situation they are in. It appears to me that the public’s opinion of what we’re doing is favorable. We are hoping that this first arrival will be successful and monitored to encourage the arrival of more cruise ships in September”.

He stated that it is currently a policy of Carnival shipping line that 98% of the crew and passengers have a complete vaccination scheme. The remaining 2% belong to minors. In addition, tests will be performed at the time of departure when taking this cruise.

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The ship will travel for four days. It will depart from the Port of Los Angeles, making its first stop in Los Cabos on the 21st and 22nd, Mazatlan on the 24th, and Puerto Vallarta on the 25th of August. Besides the process to follow after passengers and crew members arrive, the shipping company has its own protocol within its premises.

“The ship arrives at 70% of its capacity, which is 3,300 passengers. Therefore, we will get 2,500 to 3,000 individuals waiting to get off the ship. So, for this voyage we will use a particular protocol of up to 300 fast tests.”

Finally, she stated that this first arrival would be closely monitored. The idea is for other ships to arrive in the city and begin to revitalize this industry. It has been severely impacted by the pandemic.

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