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Vallarta Pride expecting 16,000 guests

The traditional parade will not take place, though

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The “Vallarta Pride” will take place from May 24 to 31, with an estimated attendance of 14 to 16 thousand LGBT tourists. However, the famous parade starting the festivities will not happen, nor will other events that could draw a large crowd.

According to Javier Jiménez, vice president of the organizing committee, they will be very respectful and responsible for strictly following the health guidelines in the restaurants, bars, and clubs where the parties for this iconic event in Puerto Vallarta will be held.

The annual “Vallarta Pride” festival takes place on the last weekend of May. It was born to honor the diverse LGBT community living and visiting Puerto Vallarta. It has influenced and integrated its culture, heritage, and history over the years, as well as promoted inclusion and respect.


Vallarta Gay Pride in 2019

Mr. Jiménez, a member of the Business and Tourism Association (ACT LGBT), stated that they have brought this more international concept through various means, particularly electronic. As a result, they position Puerto Vallarta as one of their preferred destinations, resulting in a millionaire economic spill.

There are still no figures as for the expected economic spill because the program is still on the works. Pride celebrations include arts and cultural events, concerts, movies, beach parties, and a variety of fun outdoor performances. They are integral in showing the world Puerto Vallarta’s fabulous diversity. You can keep updated on their Facebook page.


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