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The Puerto Vallarta Museum keeps going forward

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The Puerto Vallarta Museum Civil Association is making strides toward realizing its vision. They have already completed the requirements by the Public Registry of Property and the bank account for funds collection. The association has expanded its social networks and accomplished all of the prerequisites before the SAT. They will allow them to be designated as an Authorized Grantee. This authorization enables them to acquire financing for the purchase of the historical house at 239 Abasolo Street.


Karla Moreno, Mónica Ceballos, and Carlos Guzmán are members of the civil association. They announced at a press conference that their program’s schedule had been postponed due to the epidemic and legal procedures. The owner of the property that will house the museum, however, has agreed to keep the price of 11 million pesos for another six months.

The need for  a museum

One of the most enthusiastic promoters of the Puerto Vallarta Museum has been Karla Moreno. She used the occasion to encourage peope from Puerto Vallarta to participate in the project:

We need a history museum in Vallarta, the project must not be stopped, but rather walk it through, that more people take part. Citizens must know that we need a City Museum.

A critical step, in addition to raising funds to purchase the estate, is

“knowing how much it will cost us to make this house a museum, then knowing the real amounts. Also, making sure that the museum will exist and not wait until the SAT makes us grantees. When this comes, we will focus on the money, but meanwhile, we can go forward in more things.

The house will be open to the public on July 31 so that people can learn about its interior and the project. This event will take place again on August 28, September 18, and October 30. On these occasions, there will be mural painting, projections, silent auctions, work tables, conferences, and displays about the city’s history. Happenings will begin at 9:00 a.m.

The plan is to acquire the house in December of next year and open it in January of 2022. They will also hold a competition for the project of restoring and modernizing the area. it needs to be suitable for a museum, with the help of architect Alfonso Baños.

A call for material for the Puerto Vallarta Museum

Mónica Ceballos called on the public to contribute items and documents that could be part of the exhibition of this historical Puerto Vallarta Museum, which will turn into a Trust to become the heritage of the town.

Ask them if they have any documents, letters, or other historical objects with inherent value for the museum that they wish to contribute. “In the first step, we will simply create a digital inventory; we will not have anything physically; we will only request the features of each of the elements and images.

To compile the inventory, they will collect the items via the website A specialized professional will study the objects and documents in the second stage to establish their potential as museum exhibits.


They emphasized that they had the approval of the relevant municipal and state authorities, as well as the National Institute of Anthropology and History INAH, and that they will follow their guidelines. The idea is to make the Puerto Vallarta Museum a top-tier one.


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