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Adjustments in Sanitary Measures Announced in Jalisco

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Enrique Alfaro, the governor of Jalisco, announced on Wednesday morning “adjustments in sanitary measures” to provide conditions for children and young people to return to school on August 30.

It imposes the closure of clubs and bars, as well as mass events, during the month of August. It also includes national holidays celebrations, patron saint festivities, and restricts restaurant hours and capacity.

He stated that the virus’s presence, the number of cases, and hospital occupancy are all increasing. In the Costa Sierra Occidental region, where Puerto Vallarta lies, the percentage of intensive care beds occupied is at 96 percent of, but he noted that there is still attention capacity available.

He reflected that in this new stage, growth is faster than last year, and infections are faster. The illness spreads faster but is less severe. Still, he urged people not to be careless, as the number of hospitalizations is rapidly increasing. The previous three days being particularly bad.

The governor stated that these factors prompted the Health Board to take these decisions in order to preserve Jalisco’s health and life while expecting the overflow and hurting economic activity as little as possible.

adjustments in sanitary measures

These are the Adjustments in Sanitary Measures:

  • Restaurants: they return to the capacity of 50% instead of the current 75%, their closing time goes from 1 in the morning to 12 at night, to reduce the concentration of people.
  • Social events in halls: from 300 to 150 people in restricted spaces, and one person per every 7 square meters in open spaces.
  • Hotels maintain an 80 percent capacity but reduce it to 50 percent in common areas. Stadiums at 33%, with face masks wearing.

Alfaro regretted the disorder in bars and clubs, which he said acted without any type of sanitary measures. Given the evidence that the young population is being infected, he said: “We have to return to classes. Education goes before partying”. This is why he announced that the operation of clubs and bars closes all August.

Also, the order cancels large-scale events involving more than 300 people, National Holidays and Patron Saint Festivities. However, outdoor religious festivities continue, while government events involving a large number of people are canceled.

He added that for Convention Tourism, there will be a specific management system for these cases, which the Health Board will evaluate .

Theaters and movie halls have done their share. This allows them to keep their capacity.

The executive ordered:

“The wearing of face masks is mandatory in public spaces; we must all take care of ourselves and reestablish discipline; the people of Jalisco are on trial; we face a challenge, thus preventive measures are implemented.”

Optimistic that immunization is making great progress, he noted that in Puerto Vallarta, 48,000 vaccines are currently available for young people from 18 to 29: “we do not like to take a step back, but this will allow us to take many steps forward.”

With information from Tribuna de la Bahía.

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