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What to do in Sayulita without going broke

By Tribune Travel

October 26, 2021

Sayulita is a corner of sun and sand embraced by the tropical jungle of Nayarit. Also, it is part of the most pleasant memories of those who have had the pleasure of visiting it and the most desired dream of those who have not yet been there.   Large world class hotels and renowned brands have come to impose the best fashions at Riviera Nayarit. Yet, Sayulita has retained its casual and organic essence offering a stay with an authentic Mexican flavor.   Whatever you do once you are there you will have a great time. However, today we want to suggest the following activities. You will not spend a dime, but you will enjoy to the fullest.  


  They say that there is no better way to know a place than to do it "on foot". That is why you should walk through its peaceful and picturesque cobblestone streets. It will be the best way to start falling in love with this place. In the beautiful square you can rest in the shade of a tree. You will appreciate how colorful and quiet life is out there from its central kiosk.   sayulita  


  If you are a surf lover, you must make a large space in your suitcase for your board. Surely you know it, Sayulita has the best waves in the area to practice this exciting sport. As a tip, we can tell you that in the mornings the waves are softer and allow you to master them more easily.   You may also like: 5 Towns to Visit from Puerto Vallarta, Beach Edition  


  The main beach is the busiest, since it is the first one that welcomes you when you arrive. It features wide spaces shaded by palm trees and big trees. Under them, you can appreciate the waves coming and going.   sayulita  


  For those eager for adventure, we have a secret. A walk of about 12 minutes from downtown will take you to Los Muertos beach. Waves are even calmer here, ideal for snorkeling and swimming. Being bordered by rocks makes this beach a kind of small bay where relaxation is the greatest attraction. In addition, its varied shades of crystal-clear water allow you to see hundreds of colorful fish also enjoying how wonderful it is to be there.   Definitively, visiting Sayulita is one of the best experiences you can live.    





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