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Where can I run in Nuevo Vallarta?


If you live or vacation on the beach, you can have many perks. One of them is to practice your sports disciplines at sea level. For instance, running. But the question is, where can I run in Nuevo Vallarta safely?  

Just as promised,  I’ve listed a few of the best places to run in Nuevo Vallarta below. 

If you are staying or living in the Banderas Bay Nayarit area, I recommend visiting all of Nuevo Vallarta’s main streets. This is a popular spot for runners.

The Paseo de los Cocoteros avenue, which has an area within its median strip specifically for this activity, runs from the Paradise Village Hotel to the Riu Palace. It is approximately 13 kilometers round trip. But you can also run through the three entrances to Nuevo Vallarta – Flamingos, Marival, and El Tigre-. This way, you will run more than 20 kilometers while enjoying the hotels, condominiums, and beautiful houses of Nuevo Vallarta. The warmth of the people, the security of the area, and some bridges along its roads will be a plus in your training.

With some luck you will find local fauna such as iguanas, armadillos, raccoons, among others. Don’t bother them, they won’t bother you. Fortunately, I’ve never had to encounter stray dogs that make you run faster!

run in nuevo vallarta
The author, running on Nuevo Vallarta median strip

And of course, let’s not forget one of the greatest pleasures for runners: running on the sand!

Hearing and seeing the sea so close, the sea breeze, the real feeling of freedom, the sky above your strides, is an unforgettable experience!

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But be careful to not run on loose sand. If you are not used to practicing this sport on the sand, the lack of experience can cause injuries difficult to overcome. Your legs can fall into holes invisible to the naked eye. It is better to run on wet sand, where your steps don’t go down in the sand. Also, I suggest you not to run barefoot. As you know, you might step on a branch with thorns, stones, a blowfish, or something that can hurt you.

Finally, keep in mind that running on the beach at midday may not be a good idea. he sun and humidity will significantly reduce your performance or cause skin burns. Running is best done early in the morning or shortly before the sun sets.

If you plan to go for a run when the sun is already out, wearing a good amount of sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat will be a very good decision.

Remember to hydrate yourself before, during, and after your races. Just as you would in any other location where you practice this sport, stay hydrated. The heat of Vallarta will cause you to sweat more than in places colder or higher above sea level.

And if your passion is running marathons or official races, I remind you of the next Puerto Vallarta Marathon, where you can run a marathon, half marathon or recreational 5 kilometer race.   

If you want to register, visit the following link: https://maratonpuertovallarta.com/inscripciones-maraton/  

The starting shot is next Sunday April 3, 2022. Save the date and start training now!  

I hope these tips will be useful for your workouts.

Happy miles! 

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