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VivaAerobus will fly to Colombia with floating fares

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VivaAerobus will fly to Colombia starting August 21. it has begun selling tickets for the route between Mexico City and Bogota. However, prices in Colombian currency are equivalent to the daily exchange rate of the Mexican peso.

As a result, fares vary and have a considerable gap between the two currencies, which contributes to the price variations depending on the time of the trip. The airline’s Colombia tickets range from $400,000 to $770,000 Colombian pesos, or approximately $100 to $175 USD.

The Mexican low-cost airline now operates two weekly flights on Saturday and Wednesday, but plans to increase to one daily flight in the coming months.

Vivaaerobus will fly to colombia

VivaAerobus CEO Juan Carlos Zuazua declared once that the company may form a future collaboration with Colombian carrier Viva Air.

“We will land in Colombia to make a difference with our value proposition that has defined us for nearly 15 years: safety, dependability, the best prices, and a customer-focused service that has made us the most flexible airline in Mexico after eliminating all flight change fees”

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