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Cancun City Officials to create pilot mobility plan

By Tribune Travel

February 03, 2023

Cancun city officials will meet in the coming days to create a pilot mobility plan for the hotel zone. The mobility plan will also include Kabah Avenue.

On Thursday, Jorge Aguilar Osorio, the General Secretary of Cancun City Council, said that mayor Ana Patricia Peralta and officials from her cabinet will meet with transport carriers and Imoveqroo officials to improve the mobility of Kabah Avenue and the hotel zone.

He explained that the legal representatives of the four public transport concessionaires of Cancun will also attend the meeting along with Transit personnel. The meeting is intended to find a plan to relieve the traffic congestion in the Cancun Hotel Zone and on Kabah Avenue.

He pointed out that the meeting is being held in advance of the 4,500 motorcycle taxis that are expected to hit city streets soon. He said that their permits will be handed out as part of the new Mobility Law.

Before that happens, the city intends to create a pilot mobility plan. The meeting is expected to take place next week. Osorio did not say what the pilot plan would or could entail.





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