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Cancun International Airport features new technology equipment

By Tribune Travel

December 07, 2023

Cancun International Airport is among the busiest in Mexico because of the great demand for travel to Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean region.

The airport handled over 30 million passengers in the previous year, with over half of them being foreign visitors.

Fortunately for the millions of travelers that pass through the airport every month, new equipment at Cancun airport is significantly cutting down on tourist check-in times.

Travelers leaving Cancun won’t have to stand in long queues thanks to this new technology, which are computerized check-in machines.

Arrivals and departures are now expedited since passengers can now approach a machine and scan their own passports and boarding cards before moving on to the biometric checkpoint.

Wait times that were as long as two hours are now as short as less than a minute thanks to this technique.  Passengers who do not have checked luggage will be able to bypass the check-in desk entirely, making the check-in process even faster.





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