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Domestic market continues to lead Mexican Caribbean hotel occupancy

By Tribune Travel

September 22, 2023

The domestic market continues to lead the occupancy rates in the Mexican Caribbean, with 37.59% of the 374,190 tourists who visited Cancun from September 9 to 15, while the North American market is in second place with 33.18%, followed by the Canadian market with 9.69%, according to the report released by the Ministry of Tourism of the State of Quintana Roo.

In this regard, the Secretary of Tourism of Benito Juarez, Juan Pablo De Zulueta, indicated that Cancun as a leading international brand continues to be in the taste of travelers, not only from the main markets, but also from segments such as; United Kingdom, which occupies 2.29%, Colombia 2.17%, France 1.43%, Argentina 1.39%, while Germany, Spain and Brazil, are below 1% and other markets reached 9.84% of the total number of visitors in the previous week.

During the same period, a total of 3,328 domestic and international flights, both departures and arrivals, passed through Quintana Roo’s airports, with Cancun Airport registering the greatest movement with 3,230 operations, followed by Cozumel Airport with a total of 60 flights and finally Chetumal Airport with 38 operations.

It is worth mentioning that the Mexican Caribbean has connections to 25 domestic destinations, 36 cities in the United States and 9 cities in Canada, as well as to 23 cities in Central and South America, 17 countries in the Latin American region, 18 cities in Europe, through 52 airlines operating in the air terminals.





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