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Manatee is being prepared for a potential release in May

By Tribune Travel

May 17, 2023

This month, a manatee named Pompeyo who was rescued as a young pup is anticipated to be returned to the wild. His caregivers have been keeping an eye on his development to make sure he is sound and capable of living independently.

Since 2021, Pompeyo has been receiving treatment at the CARMA Center for Attention and Rehabilitation of Aquatic Mammals in the town of Laguna Guerrero, Othón P. Blanco.

After the most recent measurements of his weight and length, his caregivers predict that he will most likely be returned to the lagoon this month. They first started discussing releasing him back into the wild in March.

Pompeyo now weighs more than 70 kilos and has grown to more than a meter in length, which is up slightly from the 68 kilos he weighed in March, said Eduardo ngulo Cab, ejidal commissioner of Laguna Guerrero.

“He has already been measured and checked, and he weighs more than 70 kilos. Since he already has a tracking chip, we are waiting for expert biologists to perform another examination to decide whether or not he will be released.

To prepare the manatee for his eventual release back into the wild, he is currently fed seaweed. In order to protect Pompeyo from becoming a victim of abuse after being set free, ngulo Cab claimed that he has not been socialized with people.





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